Hey there, it’s me - Nafisah Crumity! I like to think of myself as a master multitasker. When I’m not capturing people’s essence in the studio, you might catch me brushing up on my knowledge of black history, femininity, and the LGBTQ+ community, binge watching anime, or shopping online for a cute outfit I need for some event I’m going to. And somehow, I manage to juggle all of these hobbies without breaking a sweat. Pretty impressive right?
In my fashion photography, I aim to showcase both the beauty in the clothing and model. My connection with the model brings forth the personality in the garments. My interest in fashion aids me when I shoot. I think of the movement of the clothing, the form of the body, and how they can work together to create a beautiful story. 
With my portraits my intentions lie deeply in the subject and who they are as a person, even with the photos having a fashion edge. The fashion only emphasizes the subject and allows their identity to shine. Having a background in psychology helps when I need to make my subject comfortable and bring their best self upfront. 

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